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"Adorable Hearts" Dress Outfit Fits Most 14" - 18" Build-A-B...

PartNumber: 2541
Adorable stuffed animal and doll clothes; Fits most 14"-18" Stuffed Animals and Dolls including Build-A-Bear, Vermont Teddy Bear, Animalland, Nanco, Ganz, Bear mill, Teddy Mountain and more.

"Collect Them All" 5 Puppets - 12" Cocker Spaniel Marionette...

This 5 Puppets - Cocker Spaniel Puppets are adorable and very cute. these Marionette Puppet is unlike any puppets you have seen before. With the pull of some strings, this marionette comes to life. This toy is good for ages 7+. A great advantage of this marionette is that it is easy to untangle because lets be honest, a marionette getting tangled is inevitable. The strings can be easily unhooked on the T Bar to fix any knots. The T Bar is the perfect size for any hand and so there is literally no excuse not to get one!. Collect them all puppets. How to play? Make Puppet Dancing 1. Hold the handle with your fingers. 2. twist the handle side by side. Make Puppet Walking 1. Hold the handle with your fingers. 2. Twist the handle side by side and move forward, step by step. Make Puppet Alive Use your imagination, be creative, and the puppet in your hand can play so much for you and your loved ones. How to solve the string tangle problem? The strings on the handle are removable. If strings tangled, slide the strings out of the slots on the handle, untangle them and put the strings back to the slots. Fluff the puppet by shaking the body before play.