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Kanal [DVD]

Actors: Teresa Izewska,Tadeusz Janczar,Wienczyslaw Glinski,Tadeusz Gwiazdowski,Stanislaw Mikulski
Directors: Andrzej Wajda
Publisher: Polart (2003-11-18)

ISBN: 1593650035
GTIN: 644527214290
(as of 9/18/2016 9:29 AM EST - details)

Kanal at Amazon

Region: 1
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Run Time: 91 minutes
PartNumber: DV71070
KANAL begins on the 56th day of the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. A ragtag group of untrained Resistance fighters hold the frontline. They try to live a relatively normal life, and even play the piano. They achieve many small victories, but must retreat into the sewers. But the darkness stretches on forever...

A work of shocking extremes, KANAL depicts the dignity of ordinary people in the face of unspeakable horror. In dark, underground pits, gorgeous women struggle in rivers of sludge. The darkness itself weighs down heavily - but is punctuated by flickering candles and torches that create unforgettable compositions, and by brutal bursts of light from the world above.

KANAL was the second feature film directed by Academy Award- and Cannes Film Festival-winner Andrzej Wajda. It is the second part of Wajda's acclaimed "war trilogy," which also includes A GENERATION and ASHES AND DIAMONDS.

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Andrzej Wajda: Three War Films (A Generation / Kanal / Ashes & Diamonds) (The Criterion Collection) [DVD]

Actors: Zbigniew Cybulski,Waclaw Zastrzezynski,Adam Pawlikowski,Bogumil Kobiela,Ewa Krzyzewska
Directors: Andrzej Wajda
Publisher: Criterion (2005-04-26)

ISBN: 0780029518
GTIN: 037429201527
(as of 9/18/2016 9:29 AM EST - details)

Andrzej Wajda: Three War Films (A Generation / Kanal / Ashes & Diamonds) (The Criterion Collection) at Amazon

Region: 1
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 3
Rated: Unrated (Not Rated)
Run Time: 286 minutes
PartNumber: CRRNWAJ020DVD
In 1999, Polish director Andrzej Wajda received an Honorary Academy Award(r) for his body of work-more than thirty-five feature films, beginning with A Generation in 1955. Wajda's second film, Kanal, the first ever made about the Warsaw uprising, secured him the Special Jury Prize at Cannes and started him on the path to international acclaim, secured with the releases of his masterpiece, Ashes and Diamonds in 1958. These three groundbreaking films ushered in the "Polish School" movement and later became known as the "War Trilogy." But each boldly stands on its own-a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the struggle for personal and national freedom, and Wajda's unique contribution to homeland and world cinema. The Criterion Collection is proud to present this director-approved edition, with new transfer of all three films and extensive interviews with the director and his colleagues.
Andrzej Wajda's first three features form a landmark in Polish cinema, and a monument of that great decade of European movies, the 1950s. Working mostly during a thaw in Soviet control over his homeland, Wajda and his collaborators created three films that looked back at the Second World War from the perspective of a new generation whose youth was defined by the catastrophe of Nazi occupation and Soviet control. The first film is titled A Generation (1955), as though to sum up the collective feeling. It's set in Warsaw in 1943, as young workers join the anti-Nazi resistance movement (including an attempt to help Jews escape from the ghetto). Shot in real locations, but with an expressionistic eye, A Generation is especially drawn to the ambiguous supporting character played by Tadeusz Janczar, a much more conflicted and modern character than the nominal hero. (Roman Polanski plays one of the fighters.)

Kanal (1957) tracks the final hours of the Warsaw Uprising, a rebellion by the Poles and their Home Army against the Germans. (The Russian army, parked on the other side of the Vistula River, allowed the Poles to be wiped out without interference.) First we meet the characters in a last stand at a bombed-out field of urban rubble, then follow them in a miserable escape through the dank, gas-filled sewers beneath the city. The desperation of final heroic acts, and Wajda's ingenuity in finding new ways to shoot in the sewer sets, keeps the film balanced in nerve-wracking suspense.

Set on the final day of World War II, Ashes and Diamonds explodes with mixed-up passion and anger, and with the deliberately James Dean-like performance of Polish icon Zbigniew Cybulski. Wadja expands his range here with a visual dynamism that includes a heady use of symbols and striking borrowings from Citizen Kane and film noir. The nervy, dark-spectacled Cybulski plays a Home Army member out to assassinate a Communist official, an assignment bungled in the opening sequence. So the job still needs completing, but the would-be assassin is diverted by a melancholy barmaid and the possibility of turning away from violence... but this is Poland, and wry fatalism prevails. The doomed national feeling is maintained in powerful fashion in these three movies--which are not, technically speaking, a trilogy, though they have always spiritually been of-a-piece.

Criterion assembled this DVD set with Wajda's approval, and he appears in illuminating half-hour interview segments on each disc (along with filmmaker Janusz Morgenstern and critic Jerzy Plazewski). Valuable production stills and posters, Wajda's film-school short "Ceramics from Ilza," and essays are included. Most importantly, the digital transfers themselves are perfectly stunning. --Robert Horton

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Exploring The Extraordinary Gota Kanal [DVD]

Directors: Arcadia Films
Publisher: (2015-02-13)

GTIN: 766194190728
(as of 9/18/2016 9:29 AM EST - details)

Exploring The Extraordinary Gota Kanal at Amazon

Region: 0
Number of discs: 1
Rated: Unrated (Not Rated)
Run Time: 26 minutes
The Gota Canal is Sweden's construction of the millennium and connects Kattegatt on the west coast with the east coast of the Baltic Sea, and is the main waterway through Sweden, from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Gothenburg is a seaport that was founded in 1621 and on Packhus Quay, close to both the Maritime Centre and the Opera, the Wilhelm Tham on which we shall travel across Sweden,awaits us. Shortly before Trollhattan our first adventure begins as the boat ascends within a masterpiece of canal design.Over a short distance, six lock systems built in a row overcome a height difference of forty four meters.One lock after the other opens up, and the inflow of water raises the boat to the next level. Our journey leads into the Bottensjon that is connected to Lake Vattern until we finally arrive at the port of Karlsborg.Behind the walls of Karlsborg Fortress are barracks, various buildings and a church.A truly massive structure, built in 1809 after Sweden had lost Finland to Russia. At Berg the captain skillfully steers the boat into the Carl Johans locks.Our descent is complete and we continue on the long drawn-out Lake Roxen.Again, a natural body of water forms part of the eastern Gota Canal, a remnant of the Ice Age, thirty three meters above sea level. The crossing of southern Sweden has only been made possible due to the construction of the Gota Canal, an amazing waterway with sixty six locks and countless bridges.

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Rock. Obvodny Kanal. Butterfly By Uchitel Aleksey [DVD]

Actors: Uchitel Aleksey;Ivchenko Vladimir;Filinov Yuriy;Aleksandrov Yuriy;Mass Dmitriy
Directors: unknown

(as of 8/3/2016 4:30 AM EST - details)

Rock. Obvodny Kanal. Butterfly By Uchitel Aleksey at Amazon

Region: 0
Rok (1988 g.) Kinorezhisser Aleksey Uchitel snyal dokumentalnyy film s Borisom Grebenshchekovym v kachestve tsentralnogo svyazuyushchego personazha teoreticheskoy kontseptsii kartiny. V filme takzhe uchastvuyut: Anton Adasinskiy, Viktor Tsoy, Oleg Garkusha, Yuriy Shevchuk. V semkakh prinimali uchastie gruppy Akvarium, Kino, DDT, Avia, Auktsyon, i Leningradskiy rok - klub. Obvodnyy kanal (1990 g.) Film, kotoryy snyat prakticheski bez edinogo slova. Na beregakh Obvodnogo kanala v Sankt-Peterburge raspolozheny tri sumasshedshikh doma, dukhovnaya akademiya, tri DK i massa drugikh zavedeniy. Ideya, byla prostaya: za kakoy stenoy nakhoditsya sumasshedshiy dom?.. Batterflyay (1993 g.) Avtory opredelyayut zhanr filma kak kinoshou, eroticheskoe shou ili ekzistentsionalnoe shou. Posvyashchen rezhisseru Romanu Viktyuku, snimalsya v Moskve, Sankt-Peterburge, Anape, Lvove, Nyu-Yorke. Repetitsii, zhanrovye epizody, premery... Zhizn teatralnogo rezhissera, kotoryy vsegda na vidu i tvorchestvo kotorogo vyzyvaet ostrye spory. Zdes aktery igrayut kak by samikh sebya...


Wajda: Wesele, Lotna, Popiol I Diament, Kanal (Pal, Region 2, Polska Wersja Jezykowa) [DVD]

Actors: Zbigniew Cybulski,Daniel Olbrychski,Andrzej Lapicki
Directors: Andrzej Wajda
Publisher: Best Film (2010)

GTIN: 5907577388300
(as of 9/18/2016 9:29 AM EST - details)

Wajda: Wesele, Lotna, Popiol I Diament, Kanal (Pal, Region 2, Polska Wersja Jezykowa) at Amazon

Region: 2
Number of discs: 4
Pakiet czterech filmow Andrzeja Wajdy:
- Wesele
- Popiol i diament
- Kanal
- Lotna

Polish language edition.


Warschau 1944 - Der Kanal, 1 Dvd [DVD]

GTIN: 4028032074673
(as of 8/3/2016 4:30 AM EST - details)

Warschau 1944 - Der Kanal, 1 Dvd at Amazon

Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1